About Us

A little bit of History

Our first touch with health products dates back to the early 2000s when we became an essential link between the producers and a remote small town’s community situated in the Heart of Europe. Back in the day there was no direct supply of specific products in the area which was already shrinking in population due to urbanization and people were forced to overcome long distances to satisfy their health needs. In order to eliminate this unnecessary hassle we had to become creative and look for modern solutions. Eventually, we became local distributors of various health products in the area. Since then we are very pleased to have a lot of satisfied customers and constantly growing interest in improving the quality of life.

Our Vision and Mission

HQ-pills.com is one of the finest online health stores, providing the best selection of natural health products and vitamin supplements. We offer sexual performance supplements, pain relief supplements, beauty and skin care products, cold treatment and many other health products. We strive to make sure everything you need to reach the bliss of health and happiness is right at your fingertips. To put it simply, HQ-pills.com is the one-stop-shop for health-conscious consumers.

We are focused on the constant growth and development, with a mission to provide affordable healthcare to every person in need across the globe without leaving the home, because we truly believe that everyone deserves great health. We are committed to provide our customers with safe, reliable and affordable medicines to inspire and empower them to maximize their personal health and vitality. We take pride in providing customers with personalized service – our knowledgeable staff will assist you in making informed decisions that best fit your lifestyle and health. We strive to provide you with informed, educated advice and information so that you may make the right choice for your health.

Thanks to all of HQ-pills.com devoted team members, we can boast with customers from 25 different countries, including all of the EU, Americas and Australasia. Modern day shipment services allow us to deliver our products to every corner of the world within few weeks. Detailed shipment description and approximate timeframes can be found here (in our Shipping page).


Commitment to integrity is the driving force behind HQ-pills.com. Providing products that can transform and improve the lives of people and the environment is the central focus for continued research and development. We are dreamers, thinkers and do-ers rolled into one. Together, we want to improve the healthcare experience for all humanity. We are guided by our values and our motto to do the best in every challenge we take. These are not just principles of our company, but it is a reflection of who we are as people.

From humble beginnings back in 2000s, HQ-pills.com was born out of genuine desire to help people live naturally healthy lives. Today, almost 20 years on, we are proud to be continuing working towards our mission to make a lasting, positive impact on the wellbeing of people and the planet.